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Apple Fitness Plus Alternative

MeeZeeFit is a free alternative to Apple Fitness+.

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It’s a free, iOS only app that lets you follow your favorite YouTube instructors to do ad-free workouts.

What does MeeZeeFit do better?

MeeZeeFit has more workout videos than Apple Fitness+. Literally millions more.

MeeZeeFit has more instructors than Apple Fitness+. Literally millions more.

MeeZeeFit has better filters and search than Apple Fitness+. E.g. You can search for 5 minute workouts, 2

MeeZeeFit has more popular instructors with literally billions of views (and MeeZeeFit is ad-free. Just like Apple Fitness+.)

MeeZeeFit let’s you create your own workout routines (e.g. add a warmup video, a full workout, and a cool-down video) into one ad-free video routine.

MeeZeeFit lets you add cute puppies to keep you company while you work out. And who doesn’t like cute puppies?

MeeZeeFit is free (with a subscription available for add-ons. Like more cute puppies.)

What does Apple Fitness+ do better?

Better integration with Apple Watch. (But not for long! MeeZeeFit companion app coming soon to track your calories!)

Better focus on workouts (free YouTube channels sometimes have filler to promot the channel or product placement to make some money).

More consistent quality of videos. But hey, this is just another way of saying Apple Fitness+ has fewer videos than YouTube.

What does MeeZeeFit mean?

MeeZee makes it easy for me to exercise. MeeZee.

OK, I’m sold. How do I try it?


(Sorry, iOS only for now. But there is a web version at https://meezeefit.com)

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